Podcara is now only available to clients of Cara Parrish Marketing

You can still read all about it below but due to the unique shifts in the podcasting industry throughout a pandemic we've decided to focus on the shows and matching that have the greatest positive impact. Thank you for all of your support! We love all 1,000+ Podcara users!

We felt that pain!

As a marketing agency, we were devoting hours and hours of time to finding potential podcasts and guests - everything from pitching shows to clients, getting approval (from both the host and the guest), booking the interview, making sure the guest had details about the show and the show had details about the guest, sending meeting reminders....

And all this BEFORE we could even get to the actual work we love doing - making the episode famous!

It shouldn’t take hours, days, or even weeks to coordinate such a simple process !

After taking a long hard look at what the issues were (we’ve done it the old way hundreds of times, after all), we agreed that booking really isn’t rocket science. We crafted a solution to use internally - the sort of system that would streamline every moment of the process while yielding quality results for hosts and guests alike.

Podcara was born.

For the past year, we’ve been consistently landing clients on the top ten podcasts within their niches. We’ve also snagged celebrity and high profile niche guests for our client’s own premier shows. All of this was accomplished using Podcara - the completely automated tool we built from the ground up.

Yep, you read that right - COMPLETELY AUTOMATED.

At the start, this was INTERNAL only - a service designed for our exclusive, private clients to benefit from. But now... we’re opening the doors. Podcara is not only what the industry needs - It's what you need.

Here’s a bit of real talk:

We’ve had our fair share of clueless, crazy, and downright #questionable emails from PR companies desperate to book their clients interviews (or get their own podcasts new guests).

We hate that as much as you!
And we know what you’re thinking…

What if this is just like that...but on steroids? What if none of the shows are a good fit for me? What if I get connected with guests I don’t want to book?

That does sound terrible!

We hear you! Matches with no value are so annoying - you get stuck writing dozens of professional (yet sympathetic) rejections. After all, sending canned responses without offering alternatives is just plain old bad networking. Nobody needs that!

We knew there was a better way, and we’ve done a year of beta testing to prove it.

Our foundation? A modern form of matching.

Why should you have to invest any time or energy reading rejection emails from shows or guests that weren’t interested in you? How about ONLY being offered booking requests from people you’ve already approved?

That’s more like it! And since it solves the biggest booking issues that everyone deals’s the first feature we added to Podcara!

Podcara creates unique matches for you, based on what you’re looking for in a show or a guest.

Each week, you’re offered a new, custom-tailored match.

If you reject the match, the system automatically asks you for more details in order to create a better match for you.

If you accept the pairing, your potential match will have the opportunity to accept you booking. If it’s a go, your application information is immediately sent to them!

If this appeals to you, I bet you’ve already looked into a pricey PR company, or some other form of “concierge” podcast booking agency. (You may have even been tempted to pay the hefty price tag those services comes with!)

The truth was...our clients weren't going to fork out hundreds of dollars for "introductions" and possible opportunities. We couldn't blame them! That's crazy, especially when it seems like it should be so much EASIER to connect professional, high profile businesses and entrepreneurs in mutually beneficial collaborations.

With Podcara, we already had a thriving marketing agency with amazing clients-perfect!

We weren't trying to gouge hosts or guests with big fees in exchange for the opportunity to use a deceptively simple tool that already existed.

Honestly...we just needed to cover the cost of hosting and building.

So that's exactly what we charge! A measly $37 a month gets you a potential match, straight to your inbox, every single week.

Let's do the math there.

How many hours do you currently spend (or pay someone else to spend) researching, reaching out, following up, writing rejections, getting rejected?

Podcara is here to make all of that wasted time a thing of the past!

Instead, we’re offering a simple email that connects you with amazing, individualized opportunities.

Once a week. Every week.

Get ready for the biggest boost to your podcast since your morning caffeine!